Wearable in multiple ways: around your neck and shoulders, around your upper or lower back or around your middle.
Partner of Fair Rubber:
With every 
bottle sold a fair trade premium goes to the tappers, plantation workers
and small farmers to improve their living and working conditions.
Comfy ergonomic:
Ergonomically shaped, fitted with massage ridges & a soft-touch feel.
Made from 100% natural rubber and a blend of cotton + recycled rPET bottles.
Heat Treatment:
Crafted for incorporating heat seamlessly into daily life. Studies show that heat in general acts like a painkiller, blocking pain at a molecular level, aiding menstrual pain, neck tension, abdominal cramps, and diseases like endometriosis or Crohn’s.
Highest Safety Standard:
Designed with your safety in mind, adhering to international safety standards such as the British Safety Standard.
“This is the most stylish and well thought-out hot-water bottle solution ever. Absolutely worth the money. People keep on asking me where they can buy it :)) Thank you all! ”


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"A great principle and easy to use. Especially well suited for anyone who regularly suffers from (stress-)related tension. I can "warmly" recommend the product."

Dr. Martin Morgenstern, Evolutionary Psychologist, Cologne

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Absolute Rettung. Gerade bei Schmerzen im unteren Rücken. Habe auch schon zwei verschenkt...


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„Ich hatte mir zu Weihnachten direkt zwei geschenkt 😊 Das Design ist superschön und sie fühlen sich viel weicher an als andere Wärmflaschen. Die Kombination mit dem Gurt ist einfach genial: Man kann sich drehen und wenden, die Flasche bleibt, wo sie sein soll, ob auf dem Sofa oder beim Spazierengehen. Ich geniesse sie auch, wenn ich länger am Schreibtisch sitze, Rückenverspannungen ade ;-) Für mich jetzt schon ein Alltagsliebling und auf der Geschenkideen-Liste ganz oben...."


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Studies have proven that heat in general has a similar effect to a painkiller, effectively “deactivating” pain at a molecular level. In this way, completely naturally and without any chemicals, heat shuts down the regular pain response and helps with issues such as menstrual pain, neck tension and abdominal cramps, and even diseases such as endometriosis or Crohn’s disease.